Thursday, November 16, 2006


Well they assembled the always respectful media and issued their "preliminary report" in Brazil today, and except for some factotum saying the investigation would take another 10 months, there is nothing new there down the rabbit hole in Wonderland. Certainly no one in Brazil can be responsible for this disaster! Thus evidence must be found to support the denial that air traffic control in Brazil caused this crash. That could take months. Ten months, in fact. Now everybody go away! Off with you all, you are annoying us with these infernal questions!

See yesterday's post here for ... uh, an update on today's news.

Meanwhile, I love those clueless wire service stories (and yes, A.P., I am talking about you -- Reuters actually tried to make sense of the story) saying the investigation report concluded that the Legacy was flying at a different altitude than its filed flight plan. WE HAVE KNOWN THAT FOR WEEKS. The Legacy was at 37,000 feet because Air Traffic Control instructed it to remain at that altitude. We have also known THAT for some weeks now, but I guess the A.P. needed a lede. This business used to hire people who were curious to follow a story. Now they evidently are hiring stenographers.

The two American pilots, Joe Lepore and Jan Paladino, remain held hostage in Brazil to this political absurdity.

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