Monday, January 07, 2008

Ahoy! Swiftboat Is Just an Old Tub

Some swiftboat that was!

The ludicrous characters of the scarily named Revelation Press have just announced their much-hyped "swiftboating" of a presidential candidate.

It turns out they are going after Bishop Romney. Mormons, it seems, believe in strange concepts, like transubstantiation and virgin birth. No, wait. That's the other ones. Mormons, it seems, want to set up a world-wide theocracy.(Given their druthers, that is)

Stop the presses!

So does Tom Cruise and that intense Korean preacher dude who takes out those full-page ads in the Times going on about Almighty God and angels in real small print.

My bet was that today's swiftboating was going to have something to do with Rudy Giuliani and the new winter line of Ann Klein fashions. We never get to have any fun anymore.


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