Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MaxJet and Eos Gone, American Drops JFK-Stansted

Now that the transatlantic all-business-class start-ups Eos and MaxJet are history, American Airlines has lost interest in London Stansted Airport. American said today it will drop its service between JFK and Stansted, effective July 2.

American’s launch of the Stansted route was a competitive move against both MaxJet and Eos, but it had an especially big impact on MaxJet, whose business class fares American undercut by discounting its own business class prices. Two months after American began flying into Stansted – the destinations of both MaxJet and Eos – MaxJet went out of business. Eos, which had higher business class fares, ceased operations four months later.

After MaxJet folded and Eos tottered to the edge, American dropped plans to add a second JFK-Stansted flight in April.

American will, of course, continue to offer its full schedule of flights between JFK and London Heathrow Airport.

American, hardee har-har, blamed fuel prices for dropping JFK-Stansted.

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