Friday, June 20, 2008

Who You Callin' Cowboy, Cowboy?

My driver's license now says "Arizona" on it, which gives me even more cause to protest -- once again -- this continuing use of the word "cowboy" as a pejorative.

It's bad enough when they call George Bush a cowboy and mean it as an insult. It's a well known fact, as I have pointed out before, that the current president is not only unable to ride a horse, but is actively afraid of them. Plus have a look for yourself and see how much W behaves in a cowboylike manner, at least according to ol' Gene Autry, as quoted here in the Cowboy Code blog.

Now we have Arizona's own Sen. John McCain deriding the alleged "cowboy diplomacy" of Sen. Barack Obama. (Link via the breathless Drudge, who is not a cowboy, neither, despite his hat.)

Read Gene Autry's famed "Cowboy Code" and you'll see there's no reason for any sensible person to take offense at being called one.

In fairness, Sen. McCain, a former Navy bomber pilot, lives near spiritually chi-chi Sedona, Arizona, in an 8,300 square-foot house that the media hilariously refers to as "rustic," on 6.6 acres that the media equally hilariously refers to as a "ranch."

Sen. McCain is married to a rich beer distributor -- which, come to think of it, is a naval aviator's dream, not to mention a cowboy's.


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