Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O'Hare: Cancellation City

In case you want to keep count, 548 of the 2,474 scheduled commercial flights into and out of Chicago O'Hare yesterday were canceled.

At snow-beaten O'Hare there have already been more than 100 flights canceled as of 9 a.m. central time today -- about half of them American Eagle flights.

At O'Hare and elsewhere around the country, the huge number of flight cancellations from the weekend onward have messed up the nation's airlines royally, with stranded passengers clamoring to be accommodated on flights that were already booked weeks ago, and with crews and airplanes out of position.

Yes, air travel is down sharply this holiday season. But the system is still in a huge jam.

Not a good day to be flying. If you must, need I suggest that you check ahead?


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