Friday, April 10, 2009

Cashless Cabins on United

...oh, they'll still take your money all right, but United accelerates the push toward no-cash cabins on April 20, when flight attendants will accept only credit cards or debit cards for purchases on flights in North America. No plastic, no snack for you!

United Express flights are not included.

I love the way airlines use language. United has branded this no-cash, credit-cards-only change as ... EasyPurchase. They'll be branding the toilets next.

United began accepting credit cards for onboard purchases two weeks ago. Obviously, this is welcomed by flight attendants, who don't have to go scrounging for change.

By the way, speaking of credit cards, is there any airline affinity credit card that's worse than US Airways' Dividend Miles Premier World Master Card?


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Anonymous said...

Joe, I disagree with you about the USAirways Mastercard. I've used the $99 companion certificates each year, the Club pass, and this year I'll be able to take advantage of getting 10K EQM for charging $25k on the card ($12K in college tuition helped). The EQM will likely boost me to Chairman status.

FYI, I've read you regularly over the years and have appreciated your work. As a fellow OnePass Silver Elite (Paltinum in the past), I receive zero upgrades anymore, so I've thrown my business to USAirways this year--80% FC upgrades in '09 as Gold.

Happy Easter!