Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Asking...

Always trust British newspapers to be amusing in their invincible awe concerning wealth. Here's the Daily Mail, via Huffington Post, all breathless over what it claims is the world's most expensive hotel. But I've seen plenty of fancier hotels around the world. Actually, the fanciest ones tend to be a bit more ... subdued.

And a $17,000-a-night suite is not unusual. That's around what the presidential suite in the very top international hotels costs. What they don't tell gullible reporters is that if you spend $17,000 on the top suite, they usually throw in a bunch of free rooms for your entourage.

But one question about this joint in Turkey: What the hell is a "remote controlled toilet?" How does it work, exactly?


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John said...

I am familiar with remote controlled toilets from Japan. They allow you to control the bidet feature as well as the sounds made by the toilet to mask the noises made by the human body.