Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Travel Mess Looms As a New Blizzard Is Forecast -- This One for the Plains, Parts of Midwest

Airlines are all putting out announcements that you can change your Christmas travel plans without penalty if you're flying through "affected airports." Here's a look at the ones identified so far by Continental. All other airlines have are posting online bulletins.

Watch this one closely because a great big mess can grow in the Plains and Midwest and radiate throughout the air-travel system. And that system has not yet fully recovered from last week's East Coast blizzard disruptions. Another big weather disruption will affect the system through New Year's, as stranded passengers rush to get re-accommodated.

By the way, Chicago O'Hare has already had about 250 flight cancellations (arrivals and departures) as of 6 p.m. Central time.

Keeping in mind that media hysterics have a financial interest in hyping storms, here's a weather report. It's looking ugly. Dear media: Let us please keep those jolly "white Christmas" references to a minimum?


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