Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Tree Ornament Diverts Orlando-Bound Flight

Some hysteric spotted a "suspicious" package on a Detroit-Orlando flight on Delta/Northwest, and the flight made an emergency landing in Nashville. No Disney World for you!

Can we please all settle down, please? The Christmas Day Underpants Bomber is safely in jail.

I mean, is this the nation that won the Battle of Midway or not?


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ChefNick said...

Christ, the hysteria is at a peak level. When some loser wannabe bomber can make an entire nation's airline system grind to a pathetic halt, when people have a politically-correct aversion to the right thing to do, which is PROFILING, as statistics have shown that all these assholes are between 20 - 40 years old and of some or other "ethnic" "Muslim-oriented" sensibility -- well, all I can say is that we're STILL STUPID and it ain't gonna get any better any time soon.

But yes, we DID win the war. And that was against a bunch of prime assholes. There will always be bunches of prime assholes, and we'll WIN THE WAR AGAIN.