Thursday, March 04, 2010

Final Tally on February Flight Cancellations


That's how many flights were canceled by U.S. airlines in February, according to, the most reliable source for real-time flight operations.

That means that U.S. airlines canceled 5.2 percent of all flights scheduled for Febuary.

The reason was snowstorms that raked the Northeast and Southeast states. Hardest hit were airports in the New York and Washington D.C. areas and in Philadelphia.

The top five airlines in February flight cancellations, according to

--Southwest (3,687)

--Delta (3,370)

--American Eagle (2,779)

--American (2,509)

--USAirways (2,195)

Note: American Eagle is the regional-airline subsidiary of American's parent company AMR. So the real number of flights canceled by American in February was 5,288. Though keep in mind that the other major airlines (Southwest excepted) depend heavily on regional jet flights contracted through independent regional "airlines," so it actually makes sense to tote up the American-American Eagle flights separately.



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RLL said...

Joe - I have seen no article or discussion regarding how long it takes the various airlines to recover from these massive cancellations. Do any do better/far better than others. Whose customer service provides accurate information and assistance regarding re-booking after these disasters? Who is the fastest to get a stranded flyer to their destination.

If the USAF reserve had a modest fleet of jumbos for disaster assistance (New Orleans) would it be helpful and economic to help recover from these massive cancellations. If I were stuck in NYC I would appreciate any flight that would get me close to the Pacific coast. Rob