Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

[Left: Judy. Right: Rudy]

I do a lot of radio shows, love to do them and have gotten pretty good at it.

Good at it, that is, till this morning, when I did a five-minute segment on the live weekly program of Rudy Maxa, one of the great figures in broadcast travel journalism.

Long story short: I'm just back in Arizona from a very quick long-distance book-research trip that involved a two-hour drive to Phoenix, a red-eye flight from Phoenix to New York, a round-trip flight to London and back, a flight back from Kennedy to Phoenix, and then a two-hour drive to Tucson through monsoon rains -- all in four days.

Cut to the call this morning from Rudy's show, where the subject was to be the issue of credit-card hacking from hotel systems.

"Welcome, Joe!" Rudy said on the air.

"Hello, Judy," I blurted out, before adding frantically, "I mean, Hello, Rudy."

No way to get out of that gracefully, except to mutter an excuse about jet lag.

My wife has now insisted that I perform no complicated duties today. So I'm going out into the desert to clear some mush -- I mean brush.


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