Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Accor Hotels Embrace TripAdvisor

Instead of snorting and huffing and threatening to file libel suits, some hotels have wisely accepted the bad with the good on TripAdvisor and are doing the sensible thing: embracing the world's most popular travel-review source. (My post on Sept. 24 discusses the hotels in England that, outraged over negative reviews on TripAdvisor, are threatening to sue. England, as we all know, has more than its share of crappy hotels, especially outside London).

Anyway, now from Tnooz, a travel-tech site by Kevin Mays (the link to which I saw in today's USA Today), news that the hotel chain Accor, which has more than 4,000 properties around the world, is having its hotels embed TripAdvisor rewiews on their individual Web sites. Accor hotels include the Sofitel, Novitel, Ibis and pullman brands, among many others.

"It is difficult to determine how many hotel sites are included in the experiment at the moment, but essentially each individual property will have a module (like some other hotel sites) on the main landing page, inviting visitors to read a stream of the latest reviews (good or bad)," Mays writes. "The reviews are then served in a pop-up, with links to further information and reviews via the main TripAdvisor site."


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