Saturday, February 05, 2011

N . Texas Weather a Super Bowl Party-Pooper, But the Private Jets Are Still Arriving En Masse

The snowy, icy weather this week in North Texas has put a damper on some of the usual high-end Super Bowl parties and other expensive festivities. [Still, the local media always manage to look giddy when the Super Bowl is in their territory, come rain or snow or sleet.]

Meanwhile, some airlines still have travel alerts in effect for Dallas/Fort Worth as well as Houston and elsewhere.

But man, the private jets are arriving, sortie after sortie into North Texas. Super Bowl weekend is always one of the big events for private-jet parties. In recent years, many companies with their own jets have either managed to conceal their flights, thanks to a deal that the business-jet industry cooked up with the FAA under the guise of security. Or, as is often the case, companies have sold the plane(s) and depend instead on much-less-public charter leasing.

Big sports weekends like this also attract a lot of private social parties, including packages arranged by tour operators who supply private jet transportation, luxury hotel accommodations and invitations to glitzy parties.

There are about 15 general aviation airports in the Dallas area, and the private jets are using them all. Also, many are using Love Field, the secondary airport in Dallas.

Hey, if you've got the dough and you're not stiffing shareholders or taxpayers, why not spend it and let roll whatever good times it might buy, is my attitude.

Incidentally, in a cursory check of the private-flight tracking service on, I see an unusual number of private jet flights taking off today from the University of Oklahoma Airport. What's up with that?


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