Sunday, March 13, 2011

State Department: Avoid Travel to Japan

As the post-tsunami conditions worsen in places, as the nuclear-plants crisis continues, and with reliable emergency information difficult to come by, U.S. citizens should avoid travel to Japan at this time, the State Department said in a travel alert issued today.

Here is the full text of the State Department travel alert for Japan, issued today.


"The Department of State requests all non-emergency official U.S. government personnel defer travel to Japan and urges U.S. citizens to avoid tourism and non-essential travel to Japan at this time. Temporary shortages of water and food supplies may occur in affected areas of Japan due to power and transportation disruptions. Telephone services have also been disrupted in affected areas; where possible, you may be able to contact family members using text message or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Flights have resumed at all airports that were closed by the earthquake, except Sendai, Sado, Iwate-Hanamaki, and Misawa Airports. In Tokyo, most public transportation including trains and subways are operating. Many roads have been damaged in the Tokyo area and in northern Japan, particularly in the Miyagi prefecture where government checkpoints have been established on damaged roadways. In Iwate Prefecture, toll road highways are restricted to emergency vehicles only. ..."


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