Saturday, April 02, 2011

Teaching Your Daughter How to Curtsy And Other Vile Notions

As I always say, every truly horrible idea eventually has its day, and here, via the reliably fatuous AP, is further proof of that, as if we didn't need it at a time when Donald Trump claims he is running for president.

Gushes the AP: "A scene from "My Fair Lady" is playing out in a posh London hotel ahead of this month's royal wedding -- a princess boot camp." Parents of "pint-size wannabe princesses" are paying over $4,000 for a one-day seminar to teach their little girls how to behave like "princesses" -- in a walk-up to the imminently cringeworthy media hype about a royal wedding that is soon to gag us all.

According to the AP, the little princesses are being taught "how to act if they meet the queen," which I presume is a reference to Elizabeth II and not to the Prince of Wales.

The AP reporter also seems to badly misread "My Fair Lady," based on the George Bernard Shaw play "Pygmalion," which is a lampoon of English class snobbery and a celebration of independent, smart, strong-willed young women. No one fitting that description, incidentally, will be found among the horse-faced Hanovarian grifters who will assemble in London with their big hats on later this month to pull another publicity stunt to keep those tourist bucks coming in.


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