Monday, June 13, 2011

WTF? Flight Attendant Turns Around Flight After Hearing a Bad Word

[Photo: She can send you to Hell, but an Atlantic Southeast flight attendant can send you to Detroit.]

Most flight attendants are hard-working and courteous -- and you can be sure that any column that begins that way is a story about another report of another dumb hump of a flight attendant who thinks he (and it is usually a 'he,' for some reason) has the power of a nun in charge of the school detention hall.

Yup, here it is.

A 37-year-old passenger was tossed off his Delta flight in Detroit on Sunday after a flight attendant heard him use the word "fuck" -- in a casual comment to a passenger beside him.

Robert Sayegh, of Brooklyn, tells the Detroit Free Press newspaper that he was returning from a trip to Kansas City when he said a flight attendant overheard him use the word in complaining to a fellow passenger about a 45-minute delay.

"I was just kind of talking to the guy sitting next to me. I said 'What is taking so long?' I said “What the 'F' is going on?'" Sayegh told the newspaper.

The (male) flight attendant with the virgin ears pulled the panic button and the flight, operated for Delta by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, stopped taxiing on the runway and returned to the gate, where Detroit Metro Airport police boarded the plane to escort the brazen malefactor off.

The Detroit newspaper reporter, evidently unaware that the word that gave the flight attendant the vapors is used all the time in Detroit as well, helpfully explains that using the f-word is "part of the Brooklyn vernacular."

The passenger from Brooklyn says he's suing. I mean, he's f---king suing the f---king stupid f--ks.


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ChefNick said...

Joe, you don't have to bleep the word $#^&?! (actually, maybe the pound sign comes after the ampersand, I've forgotten.)

Said flight attendant should be locked in a room and forced to watch the following movies around the clock for a week: Goodfellas, Scarface (Pacino), Casino, My Cousin Vinnie and just about anything else with Joe Pesci.

Then he should be locked in a room for a week with my working class Greek buddy from the streets of Montreal whose first words to his parents were "Not this f$%king cereal for breakfast AGAIN, f$#k!"

Then he should be locked in a room with ME for a week.

We should make it a class-action suit, just because it's the right thing to f#%king do, f@#k.