Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Travel Advice for England; the Daily Mail Blames Liberals for Riots

Just when you think there is no possible way the British high-church establishment could look more ridiculous than it already has, here comes some smug pantload in the Daily Mail called Max Hastings to explain it all for you. It's the liberals and their "dogma" wot done it, explains Parson Hastings, who also has a flashback to Detroit in 1967, same cause, same "wild beasts," as he called puts it, who "respond on to instinctive animal impulses."

Then, separately, there's this guy. There will, I suppose, always be this kind of an England. Alas.

Meanwhile, the State Department hasn't weighed in with a travel alert for England, unaccountably (well, maybe not - the UK is big pals and there's a lot of dough involved, this being the height of the travel season.)

The big travel agency Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), though, has sent out an advisory. Here it is:

"... London is experiencing rioting and looting across its outer districts and in cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Nottingham. The civil unrest began on Saturday, August 6, following a peaceful protest in Tottenham to bring attention to a fatal shooting by local police. At this time, it is being reported that a major clean-up operation is underway.

Public transport in/out of central London is unaffected, with most rail and underground stations operating as normal today. Disruption to travel is confined to pockets outside of the city center where there are some road closures.

Additionally, all CWT offices in the United Kingdom are operating normal business hours, and will be available for client/traveler inquiries.

The rioters have been intent on causing damage to retail and commercial property, which has resulted in very few human casualties. ...

CWT travelers are advised to:

• Ensure contact details in their CWT Portrait traveler profile are current
• Keep mobile phones charged and available at all times
• Monitor updates through CWT Alerts and local media to stay current on the status of the situation and any disruptions to public transport
• Avoid large public gatherings if possible
• Refrain from traveling to unfamiliar areas ..."


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