Sunday, October 30, 2011

Qantas Ordered to Resume Flights

Qantas Airways was scheduled to resume flying Monday. The Australian government ordered the airline to end its locking out of employees and grounding of its worldwide fleet in a labor dispute. Labor and management now have 21 days to come to an agreement or face compulsory arbitration.

Here's the official Qantas bulletin on the matter.


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Jeremy said...

Qantas never actually started the lockout, it was to begin at 8pm Monday night. They had grounded the flights due to "safety reasons" - arguing, I suppose, that workers would be too distracted and fatigued by the impending lockout to fly safely. So they got the tribunal to order the industrial action to cease even before the lockout began! And of course, the safety issue is suddenly no longer a problem, now that Qantas has achieved their aims and killed off the unions. Never mind that the pilots will be even more upset than before...