Saturday, February 09, 2013

Free Baja Arizona!

I was on volunteer ranger duty this morning at the Broadway trailhead of Saguaro National Park when I spotted a parked car with a "Free Baja Arizona" bumper sticker. Had almost forgotten about the (half serious, but no one really believes it's feasible) movement in the sensible environs of Arizona -- that is, in the southern part of the state that is far removed politically and culturally from the land of the delusional in Phoenix and the rest of Maricopa County -- to declare statehood, free and clear at last of the nut cases and racists who give Arizona such a bad name nationally.

And the official state animal of Baja Arizona would be ... Wile E. Coyote.

Excerpt from the Free Baja Arizona page on

"...In Baja Arizona a major issue is environmental quality. In Maricopa the major concerns are how to harass Mexicans, and how to gut the budgets of the state university system so we don't have too many smart people to disagree with the dunderheads in the State Legislature.

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