Tuesday, December 26, 2006


No comment needed from me, but check out the readers' comments at the end of this update today from Brazzil.com:

"Brazil's ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation) promises to conduct an audit today to find out why Brazil's largest airline company, TAM, was unable to carry all the passengers it sold tickets to. The probe's goal is to avoid another air traffic collapse on New Year's Eve.

TAM's breakdown made the last Friday, December 22, the second most chaotic day in Brazilian aviation history losing only to the so-called black Tuesday, on December 5, when planes just stopped after radio communications malfunctioned in Brazilian capital Brasília.

It's believed that the most recent problems were caused by overbooking by TAM coupled with the scheduled maintenance of a few airplanes by the airline company. So, the main focus of the ANAC's investigation should be the number of tickets sold not only by TAM, but also by other airline firms.

Delays have diminished in the airports since Sunday, according to ANAC, but the number of cancelled flight has increased in part due to the smaller number of passengers using planes. Despite the improvement, Christmas day saw 139 flights that suffered delays of one hour or more and 237 of them were just cancelled. ...

The latest collapse in Brazil's air traffic is one week old today. ... "

[Following are readers comments posted today on Brazzil.com in reference to the latest story on the collapse of air traffic.]:

"Not A Serious Country
written by Stephen, 2006-12-26 07:39:31

Let's see if the next weekend will be any different? Have my doubts though because as soon as any little thing goes wrong panic sets in and everything then goes to Pizza. Take the bus, you have a better chance of getting there unless of course the bus driver is blasted on drugs or booze and the odds of crashing over the side of a mountain is a distinct possiblity. Boa Sorte!

Truly ridiculous...
written by bo, 2006-12-26 09:56:04

When one sees what has been happening over the last 3 months in the airports around brazil, isn't it amazing how Pires and many others were so quick to jump and blame the American pilots for the accident that happened??? Truly disgusting, but a textbook opportunity to see exactly how the "system" works in Brazil. The refusal to accept responsibility, point fingers, and just hope the problem is either forgotten, or goes away. This situation is CLASSIC Brazil!"


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