Thursday, December 07, 2006


A touching visit in Brazil.

(For context, please see earlier post: "STATE DEPT. TO PILOTS: DROP DEAD!" for some speculation on why the State Department has been conspicuously afraid to intervene in the case of the American pilots).

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who easily won reelection last Sunday, is on a state visit to Brazil this week "for discussions on energy and infrastructure cooperation between the two countries," reports tonight. [MY NOTE: Read that that as, Venezuela will cut a deal to sell Brazil more oil and gas at a good price, in return for closer ties.]

[Also, I presume Chavez arrived by private jet, avoiding Brazilian airports hobbled by the air traffic controllers' protests.]

After meeting with Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, "Chavez told reporters that the Brazilian President is planning a trip to Cuba to visit Fidel Castro, who is recuperating from an undisclosed disease." [MY NOTE: Do note the compliant tone of the word "recuperating," when everybody knows Fidel is on his death bed.]

Chavez said, "Lula expressed his wish to visit Fidel. We are worried. I got a note from Fidel two or three days ago and the information I have from Cuba is that the recovery is still slow."

The recovery is slow because the alternative is imminent. Lula, get the private jet out and hurry.

Fidel is, well let's just say he does not have a lot of time, being such a busy man and all.


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