Friday, April 06, 2007


As I mentioned yesterday, I'm holed up in Tucson, where the skies are blue, the temperature is nearly 90, the humidity is 10 percent and the cactuses are in bloom. But the reason for the bloom, as I recall, is very unusually heavy winter rains that caused a very unusual amount of flooding here in December and January, with an even more unusual snowfall (see photo of the back yard in yesterday's post) on Jan. 22 -- the first appreciable snowfall in Tucson in a generation. Meanwhile, some of the mountain and canyon recreational areas are still not fully open to the public as winter flood damage is being repaired. The pictures above were taken after January rains in Tucson.

My wife was out here for about five days but had to return home Wednesday. Everybody I talk to in New York is miserable. The daffodils came out, and freezing weather returned; it snowed a foot in New England , and light snow is predicted for New York on Easter.

While I like to joke that I wish a little of this global warming would come our way in the Northeast, this stuff really ain't funny, and I want to strangle those odious dweebs who love to belly-laugh about global warming conferences cancelled by snow.

The long awaited United Nations report on climate change is out today. I linked to it at the bottom of yesterday's post, but here it is again:

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