Monday, April 23, 2007


Was unable to join the "cream of American journalism" at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night. That's the fun-fest where the White House Press Corps (as they actually refer to themselves) play grab-ass with White House figures and various celebrities who have rolled them for years. The headline entertainment was by the literally inimitable Rich Little, who was hired evidently because Red Skelton was unavailable. (And jeez, do I miss that Klem Kadiddlehopper!)

Anyway, thanks to the anonymous attendee who sent me a snapshot from the festivities (above right).

The following is by Glenn Greenwald in Salon:

"Every time I write about the media here, Paul Rosenberg notes in comments that he refers to the national press and its various hangers-on and appendages as "Versailles". Could he possibly ask for any more vivid evidence than these accounts of the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner last night and the accompanying after-parties? That is the Beltway culture stripped to its decadent, self-loving, vainglorious core.

"The dominant political story today in our press is focused on what Sheryl Crow and Laurie David said at one of the parties. These journalists and political operatives excitedly invite Hollywood celebrities to their parties so they can feel celebrated and glamorous, and then spend the next day condescendingly mocking the celebrities they invited and spent all night eagerly fondling, all in order to feel superior and elevated above the muck ("ha, ha -- as though Sheryl Crow (whom we invited and chased around hoping to speak with) knows anything about global warming or other Important Political Things! Ha ha!"). Whenever you feel bewildered at the state of our political affairs, just keep those pages bookmarked and look at the pictures and all will be clear again."

And here's a link to courtiers at Versailles.


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