Friday, June 01, 2007

Around the World in a Bad Mood

One of the problems with the transparency inherent in maintaining a blog is that your spouse can check in during the day -- she works in New York, I work at home when I'm not traveling -- and see that you're screwing around online. Blogging, while amusing and occasionally enlightening, does not actually pay cash money, you see.

And so I have to rush this one in and get back to work, having just received the expected phone call about the evidence already on hand for today.

"Don't you have a book proposal to complete by this weekend?" she said.

I do. I do.

But I forgot about promoting the musical revue by Rene Foss, a flight attendant who's become a friend of mine over the years. Rene and company have been doing the revue, "Around the World in a Bad Mood," for years, much to the delight of flight attendants and others who understand the madness of air travel. (She also wrote a book with the same title about the fun and foibles of flight-attending) Here's her Web site.

That's her, in the calendar cover above, fifth from the left. The gag calendar features flight attendants of all ages in cheesecake (not nude) poses. She's Miss January. It's published by flight attendants who use it to underscore the fact, while airlines regain profitability, flight crews have been subject to years of salary cuts and pension hits. You can see more of the calendar and order one here.

Meanwhile, Ms. Foss is taking a few weeks off this month to bring the revue -- which plays cabarets and theater fringe festivals all over the country -- back to Manhattan.

For the New York performances, in June, here's the schedule and information

Also, the revue is running Sept. 7, 14 and 24, same place, but at 7 p.m.


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