Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Morning News: Surveys I Stopped Reading ...

... after the headline and the first item.

From Maritz Research, a market research company, comes this press release today, headlined: "Airline Travelers Call for Segregated Family Section ..."

Here's the key finding in what the company described as a survey of "randomly selected adults throughout the United States about airline brands and customer experience-related service":

"Fliers Vote for a Segregated Family Section -- Nearly three-fourths (73 percent) believe that there should be a family section on airplanes."

Now let's see ... Northwest has canceled nearly 900 flights since Friday; every seat on every cramped plane on every airline in the sky is filled; passengers are being routinely stranded for six to 10 hours on planes parked near gates; you have to connect through Milwaukee to get from Miami to Dallas; delays are at an all-time high ... toilets are overflowing in airplane aisles ... passengers are ready to revolt -- and three quarters of people surveyed by this outfit say there should be a special family section on planes?

Where'd they interview these people, at state mental institutions?

By the way, since they're asking, I want a cigar lounge, a sauna and a flight attendant with the looks and grace of Queen Rania of Jordan for my $400 fare to Los Angeles. And no big fat guy in the middle seat next to me.

Meanwhile, try not to get hurt up there.


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