Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Being Sunday, Phoenix Paper Genuflects

The Gannettoids in Phoenix, vigilantly policing the First Amendment with the tenacious competence of Barney Fife, make sure that the Special Prosecutor who created the national embarrassment over the weekly New Times (see posts below), gets respectful treatment today in the "Arizona Republic." He "will not stand to see his reputation tarnished," the Gannettoids assure Phoenix. (Can an entire metropolis be said to giggle?)

After all, the Gannettoids might get in trouble some day (though why is anyone's guess, since the authorities always give extra points for chronic genuflecting) -- and they sure do not want any authority mad at them.

Oh, and speaking of risible piety, check out this from the same paper's editorial today:

"We are gratified that the outlandish attempt to punish an alternative weekly newspaper for the crime of offending the sensibilities of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has ended. The Republic often is leery of New Times' style of free-for-all journalism. But, in this appalling overreach of government intrusion, both the New Times and the public were grievously wronged."

Egad: The 'Republic' often is leery of ...!


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