Friday, October 26, 2007

The Morning News: Heckuva Job, FEMA

Is there no idiocy to which this government will not descend? From today's Washington Post, on the F.E.M.A. press conference on the California wildfires.

Naturally, it took Fox News no time at all to make a very fine ass of itself speculating about the cause(s) of the wildfires.

Jayzus, when you can't even cover a fire ...

[Update: Oct. 28 -- Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, unlike his lamebrain predecessor and lamebrain boss, at least recognizes a disaster when he sees one. "I think it was one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I've seen since I've been in government," said Chertoff, who evidently does not watch the news very much. Meanwhile, let's just note that Vice Admiral Harvey E. Johnson, the F.E.M.A. deputy director, probably shouldn't be looking for that fourth star.]

[Update: Oct. 30 -- Vice Admiral Johnson, it is reported, is retired, which means he failed to get that fourth star previously. And he's a retired Coast Guard admiral, which is to an actual admiral roughly what a Salvation Army colonel is to an actual colonel.]


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