Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Just Sayin' ...

--[News notes, Inside Baseball Dept., No. 1:] BULLETIN: Journos Upset When Billionaire Owner Utters a Curse Word!

I despair at the pursed-lip scolds who now dominate journalism. And I understand Sam Zell for whom six billion dollars is truly f-you money. Under the same circumstances, I might have muttered the same thing after that photographer -- photographer! -- asked a snotty question and then theatrically turned her back on him at a staff meeting at the Orlando Sentinel -- a newspaper that has seemed in recent years to be determined to put into a coma the half of central Florida that isn't already in one. The photographer now denies intending to turn her back as a gesture of contempt, but some people saw it differently. Meanwhile, the pursed-lip scolds won't just let it be. Imaging, cursing during a newspaper meeting! Miss Grundy, bring the salts!

Surely, a harrumphing Public Editor is settling down on the landscape somewhere in a big hot-air balloon. Ah, yes.


[News notes, Inside Baseball Dept., No. 2]. I'd hire this kid. The news business used to be full of pains in the ass like him, and it needs new ones desperately.


--Excited Drudge headline of the day: "Chertoff Worries About 'Earth-Shattering' Events" ... Don't we all, dude, don't we all.



atorres said...

For a journalist with such a track record I have to question you on this one. As I'm assuming you weren't present, how can you be sure that she was indeed snotty, or didn't turn her back. Why assume that a billionaire who is making a case for strip club ads in the L.A. Times and spouting off about it being "un-American to not like pussy" as being a credible source? How can you take a one minute sound bite and then jump to conclusions about her character, or his character for that matter, and pretend to have an educated opinion? Makes me wonder. . . .

atorres said...

I really have to question you on this one. For a man of such journalistic credentials how can you assume that she was indeed being snotty or that she turned her back? Were you present? For that matter how can you take a man who wants to allow strip club ads back into the L.A. Times and has said that it "is un-American to not like pussy," as a credible source? Also, how can you make a snap decision based on around a minute of out of context video. For someone of your caliber. . .
I'm really left to wonder.