Tuesday, February 26, 2008

US Air to Charge for 2nd Bag

As airlines continue to unbundle fares and add fees for certain things that used to be included in the price, US Airways said today it would begin charging most passengers $25 to check a second bag. This follows a move by United Airlines earlier this month to do the same.

The last time US Airways announced a reduction in customer benefits -- its recent move to eliminate the 500-mile minimum credit on trips of under 500 miles in favor of credit for actual miles flown -- it ridiculously described the change as some kind of unspecified benefit for customers. (See post of Feb. 14.)

I'm glad to see that US Airways plays it straight in today's announcement. All the usual travel-media scolds will be flapping their arms over this, but the fact is that very few business travelers check a second bag anyway. As I said before, it's usually the Clampett Family lugging all that stuff to the airport.


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