Friday, August 15, 2008

When Flying JetBlue, Watch What You Do

I've been unavoidably off the beat for a couple of days, but I need to catch up on what seems to be increasing incidents of airline thuggery.

Here's an IAGBlog blogcast interview of a 56-year-old Arizona woman who was harassed, threatened, cuffed, manhandled and arrested after she refused a totally out-of-line order by a JetBlue flight attendant to delete some video she had made on board a flight to Las Vegas. The reason for the flight attendant's order to delete video: It might end up online. It's a shocking report, and I don't use that word shocking very often.

Here's a detailed news account of the incident in the Kingman, Arizona Daily Miner.

Kate Hanni, of the passenger rights coalition, is prominently urging passengers to make video recordings of untoward incidents on airplanes. I heartily endorse that idea, but beware: some crazed flight attendant might call the cops. And some half-cocked cops might barrel in and just make things worse, like the ones who responded like Keystone Kops to this baseless complaint when the plane landed in Las Vegas.


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