Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Schmuck Runs for Office

... So what else is new, you might ask.

But no, really. Here's a photo of Frank Schmuck, Southwest Airlines pilot and Air Force veteran, who is running for the state legislature in Arizona. The man would have my vote just based on the chutzpah of his campaign signs.

I was on a business trip in Phoenix recently and blinked twice when I saw the first VOTE SCHMUCK sign beside the road. My initial reaction was it was a rude, bad-attempt-at-humor good-government imperative, with an implied comma after the "Vote." (I always bristled at the preternaturally annoying James Carvelle's "It's the Economy, Stupid" slogan)

"Team Schmuck" (I am not kidding -- look) has complained that the opposition is responsible for the rash of disappearances of Schmuck campaign signs from public spots, but I suspect Team Schmuck is fully aware of the potential role of souvenir hunters.

Here is the quite serious bio of this particular political Schmuck, an engineer who notes that he has been referred as the "Father of rubberized asphalt."

I mean, really, you gotta love Arizona.

--And on a different note, some political schmucks simply don't know when to shut up and go to bed. Ralph Nader heard from.


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