Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What an Honorable Pilot Would Never Do...

[Above: Our hero]

...that is, abandon a flightworthy plane on auto-pilot in an occupied area.

This big slob couldn't find a way to fake his demise without endangering people on the ground by deliberately abandoning an aircraft in flight? This is the year's new candidate for the 2009 top-10 list of most-vile Wall Street clowns (candidates accepted daily).

I've known pilots all of my adult life, since joining the Navy in 1966. Pilots may be characters, and some are truly eccentric (more so than in the general population, I would say. I'm thinking here of a former military pilot nicknamed Choo-Choo, who could not resist swooping down to trail a train at a distance when he spotted one in the rural Southwest. But he also made it a point to pull up before he scared the conductor.)

The one thing the vast majority of pilots share is a deep sense of responsibility, and personal honor, in the air.

Every pilot I know, civilian and military, would put an airplane into a mountain, with themselves in the cockpit, rather than pull a despicable stunt like this, recklessly endangering innocent people for his own shabby, sorry benefit.


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