Friday, January 02, 2009

Ya Can't Fix Stupid ... the immortal words of comedian Ron White.

By now, you know all about the Muslim family of 9 -- all but one U.S.-born citizens -- who were hauled off a flight after some a hysteric or two among the fellow passengers overheard a couple of them talking about where the safest place to sit in a plane is.

Here's the Reuters update on that AirTran embarrassment.

Reminds me a little of the infamous Syrian terrorists on a Northwest flight from Detroit to Los Angeles in June 2004. Remember, some hysterics among the passengers decided that the "Middle Eastern-appearing" men were acting suspiciously, as if they were "probing" the flight for an opportunity to do evil. One of the passengers in fact made something of a career blogging and doing TV appearances about her near-death experience.

The suspicious activity done by the suspects included seeming restless, talking to each other in small groups, and not keeping their seats all the time.

Hey, wait a minute. That also describes the way, say, a bunch of musicians who know each other might behave on a long flight.

Which it turns out they were. A backup band headed to a casino gig near San Diego to play for one Nour Mehama, who is billed as "Syria's Wayne Newton." (And who knew Syria would have its very own Wayne Newton, what a world, what a world).


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