Monday, February 23, 2009

Travel to Detention Center: Who's Paying?

The stories of that rotten scandal involving those judges in Pennsylvania who were taking millions in bribes to sentence juveniles to trips to crooked juvenile detection centers is missing a key piece of information, and reporters (typically) aren't asking the right question:

Who's paying? The criminal justice system doesn't have the kind of dough to be bribing some s---heel judges with that kind of money. My very strong guess is this is an insurance scam -- that the money is coming from mental health insurance of some sort, and the "sentences" are rooted in one or another of the ridiculously vague diagnoses involving "oppositional defiance" or some such contained in the code-book for robbing the mental health system, the DSM. I wrote a book about 15 years ago on just this kind of scandal -- crooked cops, school authorities, clergy and counselors literally kidnapping adolescents and using crooked psychiatrists to cook up various diagnoses to put the kids away till the insurance money ran out. You could look it up, or buy it on Amazon for like 13 cents. (It was badly published and went out of print years ago.) Title is "Bedlam"


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