Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Airlines Cancelling Many Flights Tomorrow, Too

ABOVE: Here's what you get when you depend on the FAA for your real-time airport information. As delays and cancellations pile up at major airports, the Weather Channel, evidently using information from the worthless FAA airport status and delays site, seems to think it's a sunny day in May in the nation's airwaves! This useless map is from the Weather Channel site as of 6.20 p.m. EDT today.

Keep your eye on the boards if you're planning to travel by air soon. Staggering backups are being built into the air-travel system on the East Coast.

After canceling thousands of flights today because of the mid-Atlantic snowstorm, airlines are starting to cancel flights by the hundreds already for tomorrow, according to the real-time data on

As of 6 p.m. EST today, 281 departures and arrivals had been canceled at La Guardia; 193 at Newark; 133 at JFK; 260 at Philadelphia; 132 at Dulles; 123 at Reagan and 83 at Baltimore/Washington.

This movement toward canceling flights will only continue through the night, in a system that has no slack even when the weather is good.

Meanwhile, the ridiculously useless FAA flight delays and airport status site, which is supposedly in real-time, continues to show nothing but clear sailing (or flying) all over the country, even as every major airport east of the Mississippi is choked with delays and cancellations.


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