Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Explosion of 'Luv?'

Ah, folks at Southwest Airlines, this is your Customer speaking.

It seems we have a little problem with the "cloud-heart" illustration you've cleverly chosen to accompany promotions on your "Luv" Valentine's-themed romantic vacation packages -- under the banner "Luv Is in the Air."

Yes, I know "LUV" is your stock symbol. I get it, the cloud looks like a heart. It also, incidentally, looks like a catastrophic midair explosion.

But did anybody actually carefully evaluate that image before approving it?

Did anyone think Space Shuttle, especially with a shuttle currently en route?

Just asking, luv.


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Anonymous said...

Joe - Gotta tell you, that never occurred to me. I was onsite for the Challenger explosion, and it looked nothing like this. And I don't think a midair collision would look like this, either. I think this is needlessly negative, and borderline Foxnewsish, both tabloid-wise, and in trying to scare folks where there is nothing there.