Friday, October 22, 2010

The War Against Nitwits

I'm indebted to Joe Brancatelli at for this morning's amusing link to a piece in the Atlantic magazine arguing that to a great extent our terrorist threat comes from ... well, a bunch of proven nitwits. And a lot of the holy warriors also appear to be porn-addicts, too. Not to mention their propensity for blowing each other up by mistake.

"More and more, as we work to disrupt training efforts, the jihadists we face are likely to be poorly prepared, and while that won’t always ensure a bungled attack, it suggests that terrorists are likely to select targets that are undefended and easy to hit. The United States has spent billions on port security since 9/11, even though terrorists have shown little interest in ports as targets and even less ability to actually strike them. In contrast, even small investments in training for police and airport-security personnel can make a big difference, as these are the people most likely to encounter—and have a chance to disrupt—an unskilled attacker," Daniel Byman and Christine Fair say in the piece in the Atlantic, which has become a must-read magazine.

No offense to the Three Stooges with the photo on top, by the way. My fan club in Brazil gets extremely upset whenever I use that stock photo. This has nothing to do with Brazilian justice! (Today.)



ChefNick said...

Well, like Darwin, we always enjoy a species who seem bent on their own destruction. Nice to know that a kamikaze or a jihadi suicide bomber is not going to be a parent.

Isn't that a nice thought? It's why I always applaud when ten suicide bombers blow themselves to hell.

Go ahead . . . find your head, get your hands, find your legs somewhere, while you await your twenty virgins for twenty eternities.

ChefNick said...

"Brazilan Justice" is an oxymoron, like ""Military Intelligence."

You should know better, Joe. Look up "oxymoron" and the top contender on Googlr is going to be "Brazilian Justice."