Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Pious of Penzance

Mile for mile, Britain probably has more truly crappy hotels with bad attitudes (outside of London) than any country in the developed world, but this one stands out for audacity. (And remember, there was a reason that Fawlty Towers was a TV hit).

A gay couple is suing a hotel near Penzance in Cornwall because said hotel, whose owners claim to be devout Christians, refused to allow them to stay.

One of the owners of the hotel, called the Chymorvah, a Mrs. Bull, said: "We accept that the Bible is the holy living word of God and we endeavor to follow that." Luckily, Mrs. Bull and the mister did not stone the sinners.

By the way, the reader-generated reviews of this joint on the always useful Tripadvisor.com site are telling.
"Sad, outdated, unfriendly," says the headline on one. Another complains about "the religious fanatics who run the place."



Marcello said...

After reading the reviews at TripAdvisors, I would give it a try. Look, from 25 reviews 11 rated Chymorvah as "excellent", 7 as "very good", 0 as "average", 3 as "poor" and 4 as "terrible".
Some of the reviews are really positive if you go beyond page 2...

Warren said...

Good for the hotel owners! I wouldn't let adulterers in either!