Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your 'Non-Apology Apology' Is Not Good Enough, Kayak

You may have heard about the recent flap caused when Lowe's, the big-box building-supply chain, pulled its ads from the some silly reality TV show called "All-American Muslim" after some nitwit group of bigots in Florida (where else?) criticized the show for presenting American Muslims in a positive light.

Assuming, that is, that anyone appearing on a reality TV show can be said to be presented in a positive light.

Anyway, Lowe's responded to the outcry from non-bigoted Americans with one of those "Geez, we're sorry you are silly enough to be offended" reactions. You know, you're the one with the problem, not us, but heck, we'll express our regrets that you have that problem. especially, heh-heh, since some misguided people reacted in a very silly way by boycotting our stores. ... At Christmastime, for God's sake!

Lowe's I could not care less about. I can always buy my next chain saw at Home Depot.

But the travel site Kayak, which depends on the good faith of sensible young travelers, is another matter. Kayak also pulled its ads in response to the Florida bigots. And Kayak also issued this weasel non-apology apology, rather than flatly saying, "We were craven assholes to do this; we were dead wrong, and we hereby acknowledge that and apologize for our cowardly yielding to vile bigotry, which we will never do again."

Here's Kayak's non-apology apology: "We would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by how we handled our decision not to continue advertising on All-American Muslim when it returns in January. We decided to advertise on it in the first place because we adamantly support tolerance and diversity. Our 150-person team includes people from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Our team includes people who are descended from early Europeans who came here escaping religious intolerance, and newer Americans who include many religions. We get what America is about. ..."

[No, no you don't, Kayak. You get what cheap PR is all about.]

..."Unfortunately, this decision comes across as bending to bigotry. It also appears that we did not support people who deserve support as people and as Americans. For that, I am profoundly sorry."

Again, no, Kayak. It does not "come across as bending to bigotry." It is bending to bigotry, and you need to simply admit that you did that and you were wrong.



Andre mello said...

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Now is better u and your family do not come to brasil.
Better stay in América, noth América. Little bastard.

Hoo Ha - FredFolio said...

Hey, Sharkey.

You look very proud to be one of the witnesses in the crash accident in Brazil.
Regarding your professional achievements, as you proudly mentions in your main goals, congrats again.
Burn in hell, poor soul...

Steve Kalman said...

Agreed. Weasel words.

I could have lived with: ratings are too low to support our ad dollars; at least that sounds like a reasoned business decision.

Still smells bad, though.

Anonymous said...

Assassin! You and the government of his country!

Anonymous said...

Joe Sharkey, you and the 2 pilots from Legacy are 3 Sons of a bitch !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You just get comments when you talk about Brazil huh? Pathetic... Be more respectful, or just less arrogant, stupid dumb fuck..

ken said...

Right on, Joe. I'm delighted your speaking out to curb the ignorance and intolerance of bigots. That they can't post a rational argument and stoop to throwing f-bombs means they are making their own case for their lack of depth and maturity.
And, Kayak leadership should be ashamed.

ken smith