Thursday, May 03, 2012

Phoenix-Area Massacre by Border Militia Nut: Could It Be ... Satan?

 Photos: Top: J.T. Ready, Patriot. Left: Dana Carvey's Church Lady knows what Satan has been up to ...

One of those border-patrol militia nuts who help make Arizona into a laughing stock is dead today after a shooting rampage in the Phoenix suburbs in which he massacred four people, including a 15-month-old baby. He then shot himself to death, thank God.

Here's that story from the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix, which always has to walk a fine line between dealing with reality as well as the paranoid delusions of a significant percentage of its readership.

Meanwhile, Russell Pearce, the ousted former state senate president and author of Arizona's notorious SB 1070 anti-immigrant law, is blaming Satan for the massacre. (See below) 

Also, the lunatics who support this odious border militia movement in Arizona are floating a story that the militiaman who did the killings, a well-known neo-Nazi slob and borderline personality named J.T. Ready, was actually innocent of the crimes. Instead, the lunatics are claiming, ol' J.T. and the other dead, who were members of his extended family, were victims of some mysterious foreign drug kingpins seeking retribution for ol' J.T's patriotic stance against evil illegal immigrants.

For example, the following is posted today on the Facebook page for ol' J.T.'s candidacy for sheriff of Pinal County:

"Reports are unconfirmed that a cartel assassination squad murdered JT Ready and several of his friends and family this afternoon in Gilbert, Arizona. This page's admin will keep you updated of the situation as soon as possible."

Here's some background on ol J.T., white supremest, neo-Nazi, friend of right-wing pols in Phoenix, protector of our freedom and, I would guess, our precious bodily fluids.

Yes, J.T. Ready was running for sheriff in adjoining Pinal County, which is by the way a major drug smuggling and money-laundering route into Phoenix. The current Pinal County sheriff, one Paul Babeu, recently got into some difficulties when he turned up on gay Web sites in compromising photos trolling for sex. Babeu is also under federal investigation for corruption. Babeu remains on the ballot, of course.

Clinical insanity, which appears to have reached epidemic and psychotic proportions in recent years in the Phoenix area, also manifested itself in connection with this tragedy in the form of the disgraced former state senate president Russell Pearce, a supporter of the militia vigilante movement and a former friend of the killer's.

Here's a piece with a lot of damning detail about the close relationship between Pearce and ol' T.J. Ready.

Pearce, trying to regain his senate seat in the next election after having been tossed out in a recall election last November, insists in a statement he issued today that the murderer was not responsible for any crimes he might or might not be technically guilty of.
"Today, the Devil won," Pearce said. The Devil, alas, could not be reached for comment.

 No wonder Arizona is having a harder time attracting visitors, despite its magnificent landscapes and spectacular weather. Satan seems to be running the show -- although that might actually be a better proposition than the idiots and right-wing crackpots who are actually running it in Phoenix.


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