Monday, June 18, 2012

Phoenix Phony 'Tough Guy' Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arrests 6-Year-Old Girl on Immigration Charges

Joe Arpaio, the silliest windbag currently holding any public office, which I know is really saying a lot, has arrested a 6-year-old little girl on immigration charges. Way to go, rootin', tootin' self-proclaimed tough guy Joe!

As if Arizona needs any more ridicule. Remember, outsiders, the insane people who are causing tourists to avoid Arizona are concentrated in Phoenix, which is basically Orange County, Calif., circa 1967, but without the ocean. The sensible people are all in Tucson, the self-proclaimed capital of the imaginary state of Baja Arizona.

Visit Tucson instead, where it's only going to be a mild 107 degrees when it's 110 in Phoenix!

From the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix, which is always amusingly timid about causing any offense to the significant portion of its readership that is clinically delusional:

"Maricopa County Sheriff Office deputies arrested a 6-year-old suspected illegal immigrant Friday, the day President Barack Obama softened the country's deportation policy toward young illegal immigrants. ..."

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