Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guns At the Airports (Continued)

Guns found at T.S.A. checkpoints this week

Ho-hum, another week, another haul of handguns that our fellow citizens insist on trying to take onto airplanes.

This week's haul, incidentally, is a record, the T.S.A. says in its weekly blog.

No one in the media pays any attention to this except at the start of a new year when little news items appear noting that a current year's gun-haul at the airports outpaced the previous year's.

Note, incidentally, that the vast majority of the guns being found in passengers' carry-ons are loaded.

And, given these numbers of guns being found, the obvious question is, how many guns, loaded or otherwise, are actually being carried onto airplanes, and not found by the T.S.A.?



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