Friday, December 07, 2007

The Morning News: A Modest Proposal

--This character says "media must stop creating celebrities out of lunatics." But, but ... what will all those Washington reporters do all day?

--The "lyrical terrorist" who posts online poems about how cool it is to behead infidels was given a suspended sentence after a conviction on (weak) terrorist charges in Britain (where else?). Great outfit, incidentally. Add a wimple I'm back in fourth grade being whacked by Sister Mary Godhelpus.

--Via the always excitable Drudge, Agence France Presse quotes John McEnroe fretting about Mafia influence in tennis. Suddenly a new mob-nickname world opens: Tommy "White Shorts" Fatarino; Vinnie "Fuzz Balls" Pecatori. Beware the rackets ... OK, I'll go do some paying work now...


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