Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Morning News

--Only USA Today, folks, could come up with a headline like this over its story online today about the mall massacre in Omaha:

Horror for holiday shoppers:
'Terrible way to start' season

No, that isn't a parody from the Onion. It's really the headline they put on the story.

[Update, 7.20 a.m. -- The day crew must have got up and had a horrified look at the Web site, because the headline has now disappeared in favor of a more appropriate one. Maybe Al Neuharth was wandering around the office in the middle of the night muttering about what's really important in the USA, and his password still worked.]


--Speaking of Onion, the Onion News Network Undercover Investigative Unit demands answers on airport security.


See Salon's "Ask the Pilot" columnist Patrick Smith today on the Thanksgiving Express Lanes farce and the airplanes-underfueled nonsense overblown by ill-informed reporters.


--Jayzus, come back to Earth and stop smoking that stuff, Pico. In which a travel writer actually states the following: "Air travel is as comfortable and reasonable today as it's ever been."


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