Friday, December 28, 2007

A-Hunting We Will Go!

The only real business travel being done this week is by the poor devils running in primary elections in godforsaken places -- and the reporters whose sorry job it is to follow them around and try to look clever to each other, day after dreadful, soul-murdering day.

Via Drudge, who doesn't ever do any actual reporting but would have made one heck of wire editor on some old Hearst paper (assembling other people's work in the dead of night) the latest on Huntsman Huckabee.

The link is to a Chicago Tribune blog, incidentally.

Sweet Sufferin' Jayzus, another Elmer Fudd emerges! Can't we require some basic firearms safety training, at least, if these tough-talking politicians who themselves managed to "duck" actual military service themselves are going to be packing heat on the campaign trail?


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