Monday, July 21, 2008

On Delta, Free Chopper from Manhattan

Well, not everything in air travel is going to hell, not quite.

Delta Air Lines said it's offering free helicopter service between Manhattan and JFK for domestic first-class and unrestricted coach tickets purchased through Aug. 29. Delta already gives the free helicopter lift to international passengers flying BusinessElite.

I've flown the US Helicopter shuttle, and they're not kidding that it's a mere 8 minutes from Manhattan to JFK, and the scenery over Manhattan and the rivers is spectacular. Usually, the trip costs $159 each way.

(By the way, when you consider how a car service costs from Manhattan to the airports -- about $90 with tip -- and how much time it can take by highway (anywhere from an hour to 12 days) the chopper isn't a bad bet even when you pay full freight.


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