Sunday, July 20, 2008

Without Comment. OK, ... Maybe With One Comment

Today male pilots everywhere can proudly have a bounce in their step and a smile on their face, as it has been revealed that theirs is the sexiest profession (photo credit: Andrew Cooper) (apparently the UK's biggest extra marital dating website and of course the most reliable source for these things), surveyed nearly 3,000 women ... and found that a massive 27% would like a "bit of rough and tumble" with a pilot.

Maybe it's the calming voice or the uniform, but pilots beat the media (it must be the pen and paper or perhaps the shorthand that does it for women) into second place (13%) and property development into third (13%).

Here is the top 10 list:

1. Pilots 27%
2. The media 13%
3. Property development or ownership 11%
4. Lawyers 9.5%
5. Farming 8%
6= Healthcare and medical 6.5%
6= Teaching 6.5%
8= Construction 4.5%
8= Accountants 4.5%
10. Engineering 3%

Forget the impending recession though, the thought of "doing a deal" with estate agents or cars salesman seems to be a real put off ... with both getting a measly 1% and 0.5% of the vote respectively."


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