Sunday, March 01, 2009

Every Time Sumner Redstone, 85, Hooks Up With a Corporate Flight Attendant In Her 20s, a Whole Squadron of Business Jets Loses Its Wings

For your 'Sweet Jayzus Is There No End to This?' file:

It says here that heartbeat-in-an-alligator-bag Sumner Redstone has been dating a woman in her 20s who used to work as a flight attendant on one of the business jets owned by his company, Viacom. The New York Daily News quaintly refers to the young stewardess as a "fetching blond," which is a term you don't hear too often these days, thank God.

By the way, there is a whole industry of corporate flight attendants, most of them young and female, who work as independent contractors on corporate jets. Here and here, for a few examples.



G. Bruce Hedlund said...

A common aviation adage dictates that one should sit in the rear of an aircraft since few airplanes back into mountains. The Delta L-1011 crash in DFW, however, claimed survivors from the rear sections of the cabin. While there may be, statistically, a "safest" location, the truth lies in the nature of any ensuing accident and that, unfortunately, cannot be predicted. While First Class may not be a safer place, it generally is a more hospitable location.

ChefNick said...

I must admit, the SALMON in First Class is a lot better than that crap I buy in 39C.

But seriously, couldn't there be a carry-on allowance for an ice pick and a parachute so I could peck out a window and jump before we crashed?