Friday, June 05, 2009

Flight 447 Search Continues, With Few Clues

Now that the Brazilians have said they were wrong about finding debris far out at sea from Flight 447, French investigators are intensifying their search.

And we're up to our eyeballs in media speculation. We really have no idea now where that plane might have gone down, or even when.

However, here is some very useful background from the BBC today.



Ingrid said...

Comment unfortunate for those who actively participated in killing of more than 129 people and was the aircraft involved in the incident. How can you sleep?

Alessandro said...


ChefNick said...

You people are insane. How can you think Joe Sharkey had anything to do with what happened? You're the same types of people who believe that the Jews orchestrated 9/11.

Leave the guy alone! He went through an incredible trauma! You fuckers just sit there and blame because you're Brazilian and you need to lash out at someone.

Look in the mirrors, people! You'll see the solution to your mindless hatred there, I promise you.