Monday, June 08, 2009

United Airlines Improving International Premium Cabins

In another sign of how deeply U.S. network airlines are involved in competing with well-heeled foreign carriers in the declining premium-class international markets, United Airlines said today that all of its international 767 fleet has now been upgraded with fully lie-flat beds in its first class and business class cabins. The 747s are also being upgraded.

The 767s also have 15.4 inch personal video/TV screens.

I'd publish some photos, but the United Web site images are all video or impossible-to-copy Abobe flash. Sort of like those newspaper stories in which some "art director" has decided to have the text set in the spape of a pear or some other artsy-fartsy form incomprehensible to readers.

By the way, United's May operating results showed a sharp decline in international traffic, where premium class is all-important in terms of revenue per flight. It was off 21.4 percent on the trans-Pacific routes and 38.3 percent on the LAtin American routes.


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John said...

Now that they've upgraded their cabins, they need to start repairing them. According to first hand reports from friends and family who have traveled in the new seats, they are already breaking down and showing major signs of wear and tear - it's as if United picked the lowest bidder and got what they paid for...